Grass, Shrubs In Forbes Plaza Will be Removed

A little bit of greenery will soon vanish from Harvard Square.

More than three years of use have taken a heavy toll on the grass and shrubs in the Forbes Plaza park in front of Holyoke Center. Crowds have already ruined most of the grass by repeatedly trampling it, and have torn branches off the Japanese shrubs.


Now, the University is giving up the battle to maintain the Forbes Plaza grass and shrubs, and this week will begin to pave the area. "With the abusive use, grass and shrubs just can't survive there." commented University Planning Officer Harold L. Goyette.

Paving the park will not affect the trees there, Goyette said. Steel gratings will be placed around the trees to allow water to get to their roots.

Fixed Bricks

The park will be paved with bricks fixed in concrete, not merely laid in sand. "It's clear from several nights ago that bricks laid in sand are hazardous and subject to misuse," Goyette said. Some of the rioters in the Square last Wednesday tore up brick sidewalks and hurled them at police and store windows.

The paving of the park is expected to take a month or more, and will cost $20,000 to $25,000.