105 Cliffies Lose Chance to Move In Coed Switch

One hundred and five Cliffies who had been told that they could live at Harvard next year are no longer eligible to do so.

Lawrence F. Stevens, research assistant in the Office of Tests, announced yesterday that only 335 Harvard men applied to live at Radcliffe next year. And because space limits require a "body for body" exchange, he said, no more than 335 girls will be able to live in the Harvard Houses.

Mrs. Genevieve Austin, dean of residence at Radcliffe, said last night that she does not yet know the method by which the 335 Cliffies will be chosen from among the 440 girls whose low lottery numbers qualified them for first crack at Harvard rooms.

The Harvard House Masters, Dean Watson, and Dean May, assisted by the Office of Tests, still are trying to determine which Harvard Houses will be coresidential next year. They will announce their final decision over the weekend.

Definitely 335

Stevens emphasized that the figure 335 is definite. "We've given Harvard students every opportunity to increase that number," he said, "but we can't wait any longer."

Mrs. Austin will announce next Tuesday the list of girls still eligible to move to Harvard.