Crimson Golfers Challenge Brown

The Crimson golf team takes its 8-1 record to The Country Club today against a 6-8 squad from Brown. The Bruins should return to Providence with another loss.

Brown has an experienced squad led by captain Jim Pagos. Besides Pagos, only two golfers have varsity experience. "But our sophomores have started to pick up, and they are getting into the groove." Pagos said last night.

The Crimson defeated Brown last year, 6-1 in Providence. Playing at The Country Club, the Harvard golfers will have no problems with the course. "We have a real good advantage playing on that course." Fred Sherman said yesterday, "And we are looking forward to beating Brown."

The Country Club does not present the problems encountered at the Concord Country Club, where the Crimson usually plays its home matches. With The Country Club's better-kept greens and much more open fairways, a golfer can be assured that if he hits the ball well. he will be in good position for his next shot.

"At the Concord, some of the longer hitters have to use a number three wood or even an iron off the tee because if they hit the ball well with a driver, they could end up in the woods." Sherman said.

The change of scene will benefit the Crimson's number seven man Pat Grant even more-it has been his home golf course for the past four years. "I've been a member of The Country Club for the four years that I've been playing golf, and I know the course pretty well," Grant said last night.

Love It

"In fact. the whole team loves to play at The Country Club," he added.

Brown. on the other hand, has never played on the course; and-since they are leaving Providence at 11 a. m. for a 1 p. m. match-they won't have a chance to practice on it before they tee off with the Crimson. "But we always look forward to beating Harvard," Bruin captain Pagos said last night.