Graduate Students to Elect Representatives to the CRR

Elections for graduate school representatives to the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR) and the Committee on Graduate Education (CGE) end today. Voting began Tuesday in departmental offices.

Last October, the Faculty instructed Dean Dunlop to consult with the Graduate Student Council (GSC) on choosing student representatives for the CGE. When only one student announced his CGE candidacy. Dunlop asked the GSC to suggest additional nominees.

When several other students subsequently declared their candidacy, the GSC refused to nominate any students and arranged for an election.

However, the GSC was unable to hold an election for Committee on Students and Community Relations because there were only two candidates for three positions.

But three candidates are running for two seats on the CRR-Donald E. Steele, a student director of the Coop,Stephen M. Wallenstein, and David Holmstrom.

"If the University is to be viable, it has to establish rules for its governance," Steele said yesterday. "The University's only other alternative is the public law, and I'd like to avoid that alternative." he added.

Hlegitimate Illusion

"The election of students to the Committee is only a feeble, paternalistic attempt by the Administration to create the illusion of legitimacy." Holmstrom said in a policy statement. "If elected I will do all in my power to prevent the CRR from carrying out its punitive function."

"The CRR. as presently constituted, is essentially a court without laws." Wallenstein stated. "I consider it important towards a formulation of rules of conduct concerning the educational environment."