Takes on Army Today Tennis Team Sweeps Cornell, 9-0, As Crimson Loses Only One Set

The Harvard tennis team needed to beat Cornell as quickly as possible, and it did, losing only one set in nine matches and shutting out the Big Red, 9-0, yesterday at Ithaca.

Afraid to play a good Army team today with too little rest, the Crimson pushed to end their match against Cornell and drove to West Point in time for an adequate night's sleep.

Only one match was really close, as Cornell's Mark Kaufman extended Steve Devercaux to three sets at number six. Sophomore Dirk Dugan, the Big Red's only well-know player, almost took a set from Harvard's number one man, Bill Washauer, but he finally lost, 6-2, 11-9.

After sweeping all the singles matches, the Harvard players asked the Cornell players to limit the doubles to a single 12-game set. The Big Red agreed and conveniently lost as quickly as possible. As Cornell's Dugan said. "there was no reason to prolong the agony."

Although Army will not be quite as accommodating as Cornell, Harvard should win there today, especially since it appears that the Crimson players will be sufficiently well-rested.

On paper, Army rates below two of Harvard's victims this season, Penn and Williams. The Cadets lost to Penn, 7-2, and fell to Williams, 5-4.

According to Harvard's number three man, Chris Nielsen. Army's home-court advantage may cut the margin of victory. But "if everyone plays well, we'll win 9-0."

The Harvard players will not have any trouble getting used to the Army courts-they are reputedly as windswept as Harvard's.

The Harvard team made the long trip to upper New York State by car. The team decided to forsake traveling by air and used its travel money to buy windbreaks for the courts which will hopefully cut down the wind and the complaints from visiting teams.