Helms Will Put Effete In Spiro Agnew's Mouth

A Harvard student who criticized liberal treatment of student radicals in Senate Committee testimony will become Vice President Agnew's only full-time speech writer, the Boston Globe said in its Thursday editions.

The announcement of the appointment of J. C. von Helms, a graduate student from Santa Fe, N.M., will be made next week in Washington, the Globe said in a copyright story.

Helms receives his Ph. D. in classes at Harvard Commencement Thursday.

Last summer, Helms appeared before the Senate investigating Committee holding hearings on campus disorders.

Sen. John L. McClellan, (D-Ark.) the chairman, said Helms' testimony was "a wringing indictment of the Harvard Administration."

Harvard President Nathan M. Pusey had been scheduled to appear before the committee on the same day as Helms, but Pasey's appearance was cancelled after Helms presented his 36-page statement.

"The stuff I said then was pretty hot. If I had to do it again, perhaps the substance would be the same, but I wouldn't say it the same way," Helms said Wednesday.

Helms said he was "too dogmatic" in his appearance before the committee. He said he later wrote Pusey and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

Of the Vice President's speeches in the past, Helms said:

"I think his phrases like 'effete snobs' are essentially right in substance, and I think on balance you have to be tough in dealing with campus disorders."

"I basically applaud Mr. Agnew." he said. Helms would not confirm his appointment because "I would rather anything be announced by the office concerned."

The Vice President's last full-time writer. Cynthia Rosenwald, left his staff three months ago.