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DEAN PETERSON and other "teachers" have begun our education about Women's Liberation. We can see that Women's Liberation does not mean m? sex or less paying for girls on dies, that is, not merely less inconvenience for men, but a whole revolution? our attitudes and practices. Me? need to take Women's Liberation seriously. If there are jokes and sarcasm, they should be directed at men who? live male supremacy and not at women who live women's liberation. ?e have to develop alternatives to ?e nuclear family which imprisons women. And, for the benefit of all olds, we must make ourselves those forces of change," changing ourselves changing society, changing Harvard beginning with equal enrollment immediately and moving toward general sex, race, and class justice in every aspect of this University.

We have been promised by President Pusey that alumni will be our greatest obstacle in obtaining equal enrollment. It does not seem that their world ?as been so happy that they could n? benefit from Women's Liberation. ?rely their wives and maids and secretaries will. But it seems clear the most of them do not and will not reject their roles and their security. We have images to help us understand the strength of the socialization that makes rich, privileged people continue to put everyone else and themselves through such inhuman punishment, through such hatred and violence, through racism and sexism and-pollution. The most useful image is of "interest." Not interests of the human being involved, but interests of the roles we serve and have become.

But it must be said that, whatever the alumni's interests, whatever the interests of the Faculty and Administration, they must understand that , in the face of sexism, racism, pollution, and imperialist, wars, the very survival of our generation as human bergs capable of love, dignity, and ?annuity is at stake. It may be that most ? them will not remake their own ? yes, but we must remake ours and cannot afford to let them block our ?y.