To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I would like to draw your attention to an ethical and political injustice that appears regularly in the Crimson. Recently, you have carried advertisements for several abortion referral "services" in New York. Most of these organizations are commercial outfits whose motivation is profit, not a woman's right to control her body.

For example, a young entrepreneur, John Settle, has established the Abortion Information Agency. Through AIA. a woman may arrange an early (up to 12 weeks) abortion for $285. The hospitals and doctors using AIA bill Settle for $175. The $110 difference is income for the agency. "With over 100 referrals a day, a forty person staff, and 15 telephone lines, Settle is grossing at least $70,000 a week."

AIA is only one of many such companies. Other agency fees range from $25-$100. Doctor and hospital bills are additional. In some cases, the only service provided is a doctor's name-not even an appointment. The situation is so out-of-hand that New York State Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz is seeking control through legislation and considering criminal action against several agencies.

By contrast, at least two groups, the Woman's Abortion Project and Clergy and Lay Advocates provide free or ability-to-pay counseling and referral.

The Crimson should not be a party to this wholesale exploitation of woman.

(Health Policy Advisory Center, Bulletin, December, 1970.)