Kissinger Poll


A survey taken in October by Parade magazine states that 40 per cent of the 133 Harvard students polled do not want Henry A. Kissinger '50, President Nixon's national security advisor, to return to Harvard. Another 37 per cent of those polled think he should return while 23 per cent did not have an opinion.

Michael B. McCarthy '73, who helped administer the survey, said yesterday that 80 per cent of the freshmen asked wanted Kissinger to return as compared with less than 35 per cent of the upperclassmen.

"The significant thing that this poll shows is that the resistance to Kissinger will decrease as more students come in who did not experience the 1969 and 1970 strikes," McCarthy said. "This year's freshmen are less effected by the war than we were as freshmen."

Harvard Open Forum

The students who favored Kissinger's return said that they thought Harvard should be an open forum and that Kissinger was a sufficiently qualified professor. The students opposed to his return said they thought Kissinger's role in the Nixon Administration, and in particular his support of the invasions of Cambodia and Laos, should prohibit his return.

Parade conducted the poll among students in Dunster House. Eliot House and in several of the freshman dormitories.

Kissinger left his posts as professor of Government and member of the executive committee of the Center for International Affairs in 1969. He chose not to return to Harvard after his two-year leave of absence expired and thereby forfeited tenure. However, it was decided within the Government Department last January to keep Kissinger's post open for at least a year