Picture Exchange

--I took a picture of you. Would you like to see it?

--My mouth is open. I took very strange.

--You look like the heroine in Dr. Zhivago. You look beautiful.

--It's a rule of thumb that when you show a girl a picture of herself, she doesn't like it.

--A rule of thumb.

--Yes, a rule of thumb. Of course it's a beautiful picture.

--But it makes you look badly, you think.

--Yes, but it is a beautiful picture.

--I didn't mean to upset you. I suppose you don't want to have anything to do with it.

--No. I want it.

--Her hand flutter like birds. I don't want to give you the picture if you don't like it. You will either tear it up or bury it in a drawer. You think it makes you look bad, Awkward.

--People have told me that the most beautiful people are those whose features are the most changeable. My face never stops moving. People say my force is like putty.

--So this picture froze you? Well, pictures do that. If you don't want the picture. I'll take it back. It should be put to some use.