Banfield Picked For Federal Post

Edward C. Banfield, Shattuck Professor of Urbafi Government, was appointed by President Nixon Monday to the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

Established by Congress in 1961, the commission studies interrelated problems of local, state and federal government. The commission's recommendation on revenue sharing - introduced as legislation in 1969 by former Senator Charles E. Goodell (R-N.Y.) and Senator Edmand S. Muskie (D-Maine)-formed the basis for President Nixon's recent revenue sharing plan, Banfield said last night.

One of three private citizens on the commission, Banfield assumes a post which ahs been vacant since president Nixon took office. The commission, which meets every three months, is composed of 26 officials from all branches of government.

Although Banfield attended the September 1970 meeting as a consultant, he said his appointment was delayed until he finally received and F.B.I. security clearance. Banfield will not be paid any fees for his work on the commission.