CLE Staff Meets With Professors

The staff of the Center for Law and Education (CLE) met yesterday morning with six professors from the Law and Ed Schools to discussion internal problems at the Center, but no one is willing to discuss exactly what transpired at the meeting.

The meeting-which lasted nearly three-and-a-half hours-was scheduled in response to a letter to Albert M. Sacks, acting dean of the Law School, from eight CLE staff members asking for a review of the Center's administration following the January dismissal of five staff attorneys.

The meeting was attended by the cochairmen of the CLE executive committee-Abram J. Chayes '43, professor of Law, and David K. Cohen, associate professor of Education-Derick A. Bell Jr., lecturer on Law; Walter J. McCann Jr., lecturer on Education; Frank L Mishelman, professor of Law; and Marshall S. Smith, instructor in Education.