Boston Poverty Group Organizes Activities for King Memorial Week

The Tribe, Inc., a Boston-area group organized to aid the poor, has planned an Institute on Survival, Affluence, and Peace as part of the national Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Week activities, starting tomorrow and continuing until April 4-the date of King's assassination.

The program will begin at 7:30 p. m. tomorrow in Longfellow Hall with a panel of speakers-mostly from the Boston area-discussing racism, the war, and poverty. Community members attending the activities will divide into workshops throughout the week to discuss these issues.

Workshop members will present reports on their discussions Sunday at St. Paul's Cathedral on Tremont Street. A memorial service will follow with a play "dispelling myths and misrepresentations of black people and honoring Martin Luther King Jr.," according to a Tribe flyer.

The workshops will hopefully be able to produce a working document to be used in alleviating the situation of mass misery, hunger, and suffering in Roxbury and the rest of the country," Rev. Virgil A. Wood, one of the organizers of the Tribe, said yesterday.

According to its founders, the Tribe was organized last fall "to extend to the poor of our city knowledge of viable alternative social, political, and economic arrangements that will increase equity ownership."

"We are a spiritual group trying to implement the sociology of sharing, the re-tribalization of man, that this world desperately needs," Wood said.