More FBI Files Released

An FBI memorandum dated Sept. 24, 1965- and stolen from the FBI's Media, Pa., office March 6- links Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with "Communist infiltration" of a women's political group.

The memo is one of a packet of eight documents released last night by RESIST. a Cambridge-based antiwar group. RESIST has now made available five such packets, which consist of documents taken by an undercover group calling itself the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI.

King is identified as an anticipated speaker at a Philadelphia gathering of the Women's International League for peace and Freedom. He is the only person discussed in the memo, which is entitled "Communist Infiltration of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom."

Another memo concerns the impossibility of recovering information which had been destroyed in a raid on a Lansdowne, Pa., draft board. The document-dated November 20-states that a clerical assistant at Local Board 58 in Lansdowne was "unable to forward any background papers regarding [a certain person]." The memo also notes that another draft board located near this person's college had been requested to obtain the missing information from the subject himself, but that thestudent had refused to comply, and that there was no other way to procure the information.

Members of RESIST said last night that this document is particularly significant because it reveals that raids on local draft boards are much more damaging to Selective Service information banks than federal officials have publicly admitted.

Another memo, dated February 26, describes an FBI investigation of the black student union at Pennsylvania Military College and concludes that "the group has not taken an active role in any black militant activity and has not advocated or taken part in any disruptive action on campus... Philadelphia is suggesting that no further action be taken on this organization."

The memo indicates-as have others released earlier-that the FBI is engaged in a systematic investigation of all black student groups.

One other memo-dated Oct. 12, 1970-directs all Philadelphia-area agents to undertake a detailed investigation of the Black Panther-organized Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention, which took place in Washington, D.C. the following month.