Radcliffe Hockey Team to Meet Princeton Women

First Annual Game

Football weekends have finally gone coed.

Spectators in Princeton the weekend will not only be treated to men's football and soccer, but also to women's field hockey as the Radcliffe "A" squad meets the Princeton eleven at 10 this morning for their first annual contest.

Radcliffe, which goes into today's game with a record of three games won and three tied will be trying to add another defeat to Princeton's tally of us wins and three losses.

Mary G. Paget Coordinator of Sports, Dance and Recreation Radcliffe said that Radcliffe's changes for winning the game were "reasonably good," but added that it is difficult to predict since it is their first year of competition. "Princeton is doing very well in women's athletics she said.

Paget described the Radcliffe team as "consistently good with strength in both the forward line and the backs. "It's a pretty well balanced team," she said.

Radcliffe coach Puppy O'Connor said that the team's biggest problem today would be stamina. The girls, who are used to playing 20 to 25 minutes periods, will be playing 30 minute halves in the game against Princeton. "If they can keep the momentum going they'll do fine," she said.

I think we've played in a good progression. Competition gets keener with each game, "she said, noting that the greatest improvement this season had been in the forward line.

"If the half weeks are able in back up the forwards in the striking circle, they will really do something," she added.

However, she has been meet improved with the team's spirit. "It's a team sport and the only way to win is to work together," she said.

Outstanding players include Hilary Walker Paula Balboni and captain Marion Childes, who were all selected to by out for the Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference all star team. Walker, who was actually named to the team, would have played her first game in regional tournaments today if she had not declined the offer in order to play against Princeton.

Sally Fouler and Nancy Safo are expected to play the key center forward and center halfback positions.

Filling out the front line will be inners Maud Wood and Ann Allen and right and left wings Walker and Kathy Agoos.

Childes and Peggy Wells with substitute Diane Finch will fill the other two halfback positions, with Balboni and Claire Stuart in the fullback line, Barbara Matson in the goalie.

Radcliffe's next game will be a rematch against Wellesley at Wellesley at 3 p.m. on Thursday. The two teams tied in an earlier match. The girls will finish up the season on November 21 with a game against Yale.