Rugby Champ Princeton Tests Crimson Scrum in Key Action

The Harvard rugby team, coming off an impressive 7-6 victory over New York rugby power Old Maroon, challenges defending Ivy League champion Princeton at 10:30 this morning in New Jersey.

The performance of Crimson captain Alec Wiggin figures to be a key factor in the contest. Wiggin, who plays wing forward and has been the bulwark of Harvard's scrum this season, will test the strength of his ankle which has sidelined him for the past two weeks.

Wiggin and second row player Bill Jameison spearhead a big, mobile group of forwards which "are our biggest asset," according to team treasurer Tom McKinley. "They can control the ball against anyone in the Ivy League."

Princeton's strengths are its long, accurate kicking and the finesse of a slick passing game. Their teams are usually composed mostly of experienced graduate students, whereas Harvard's ruggers are generally undergraduates.

Slippery weather would badly hamper the team work of the Tiger's passing, but would be an advantage for the Crimson, McKinley explained. "A wet ball would eliminate their strength for the most part, and would really help us because our forwards could grind the ball down the field because it would be slipping around in the scrum," he said.

Injuries have robbed the Crimson squad of starters Vernon Adams and Tom Pagnim, but otherwise the club is healthy.

The Harvard record now stands at 2-5, with three games left this fall.