Radcliffe Hoop Squad Loses Opener to Emmanuel Fivesome

The Radcliffe varsity basketball team dropped its season opener 27-22 last Thursday to a tough squad of hoopsters from Emmanuel College.

The 'Cliffe got off to a slow start and at the end of the first quarter found itself down, 94. Once they got moving, the Cliffe hoopsters battled back to grab a 18-17 lead in the third quarter.

However, Emmanuel was not to be kept down. With an offensive spurt late an the third quarter, the Emmanuel live regained the lead. As the final buzzer, they were up by 5 points to gain a 27.22 victory.

Freshman Carin Giannini took top scoring honors for the Crimson with 10 points, while center Debbie Woods and Kathy, Schoonover both tallied 3. Three other Radcliffe hoopsters. Betsy Munnell, Betsy, driskeep and Jane Elliot, scored 2 points.

The 'Cliffe basketball squad faces ten more games this season as follows Northeastern (away)  December 7 B.U. (home)  December 16 Unscheduled (home)  January 12 Brandeis (away)  January 13 Smith (away)  February 9 Williams (away)  February 10 Tufts (away)  February 17 Wellsley (home)  March 10 B.C. (away)  March 13