Harvard Brings Suit in Civil Court; Charges Ira Helfand With Trespass

Harvard University yesterday charged Ira Helfand '72 with criminal trespass yesterday in Cambridge District Court, according to Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University.

"We issued what we considered a final warning on February 10 and Mr. Helfand has been on campus at least three times since," Steiner said. "Each time he has refused to comply with our orders that he leave."

Helfand was separated from the University last June for "harassing" Sargent Kennedy '28, then secretary to the Corporation. The separation included the stipulation that Helfand not appear on campus for one year.

"Harvard's motives are very clear," Helfand said. "They do not want any opposition to Herrnstein and they especially do not want people attempting to organize that opposition."

Steiner emphasized that the decision to file charges was not a hasty one, adding. "We have tried to exercise forbearance but Mr. Helfand has refused to cooperate."

Steiner noted that Harvard will not be actively involved in the prosecution of the case. He said that would be handled either by the police or the City attorney and added that the maximum sentence is 30 days in jail, or a $100 fine, or both.

Talking about the trial, Helfand said that he will try to make it as political as possible. He added, "Harvard racism will be the main issue of the trial."

Charles W. Burnham, professor of Mineralogy and chairman of the CRR, said yesterday that the filing of charges against Helfand by the University would not cause the CRR to take any action against him. He added, however, that the alleged violations may harm Helfand's chances for reinstatement in the College