...And Farber in Angola

Like many students, the Harvard Administration didn't feel like staying put all summer in Cambridge. And one member actually got up and left for a while.

Stephen B. Farber '63, special assistant to President Bok, traveled for four weeks in Africa, spending most of his time looking into the operations of the Gulf Oil Corporation in Angola.

Farber's journey was the result of a Harvard Corporation decision to obtain first-hand information on the situation in Angola in order to make a more knowledgeable decision on the Gulf stock issue.

Upon returning. Farber said that he was "extremely pleased" with the trip. He said it enabled him to obtain "factual information and sights that will prove extremely helpful in conveying to those in the Harvard community who are interested what the facts are about Gulf and Angola."

Farber said he plans to submit a report of his findings to the Corporation in time for consideration at a September 11 meeting.

The report will be released to the public in late September, Farber said.

He said that his report will take no stance with regard to the protesters' demand that the stock be sold.

"I don't intend to advocate one course or the other on what should be done with the stock," Farber said. "My report will give an opportunity to present the facts as they are, rather then as Gulf or their critics have slieged them to be.