The Inauguration

The Crimson joins the other seven Ivy League newspaper in endorsing the following editorial. A Crimson editorial on the subject appeared Wednesday.

ON JANUARY 20 million of Americans will watch the inauguration of a President who campaigned once on a secret plan to end the war, and four years later on an imminent settlement of the same war.

Although the President has fulfilled neither promise, he remains confident that he enjoys the support of the electorate.

On December In President Nixon ordered the heaviest aerial bombing of civilian in history, and he has refused to answer for this to the American people.

The bombing has brought the President under attack from home and abroad. Bipartisan Congressional pressure challenged the bombing and called for an immediate settlement in Paris. Meanwhile, the Australian government lodged a protest against the bombing. Canada's House of Commons unanimously condemned it, and the Pope described the air war as the "worst moment" of a terrible war.

Tomorrow, thousands of antiwar protesters will demonstrate a half-mile from the inauguration site. A show of disfavor on this symbolic occasion would increase the pressure on the President to effect an immediate settlement in Paris.

An unprotested inauguration would indicate the President election mandate stands, peace settlement or not. That must not happen. We urge your support of the inauguration demonstration.