Famed French Filmmaker To Arrive Monday For Week-Long Retrospective

Marcel Ophuls, the French filmmaker who created The Sorrow and The Pity and Sense of Loss, arrives in Cambridge Monday for a week-long retrospective of his work sponsored by West European Studies. Seven Ophuls films, including two world premiers, will be screened and discussed afterwards by the director.

Ophuls, who is son of the famed director Max Ophuls, is the first of a series of French film figures who will come to Harvard under the auspices of West European Studies, including Philippe de Broca, Roberto Rossellini, Claude Chabrol, and Francois Truffaut.

The Sorrow and The Pity, a four-hour documentary dealing with the occupation of France during World War II, won Ophuls widespread recognition in this country. Its prelude, never before shown, will be screened on Wednesday under the title "Munich, ou la Paix pour Cent Ans." Meanwhile, Ophuls's latest production, Sense of Loss, about conflict in Northern Ireland, will be showing commercially at the Central Cinema.

The week's events will also include a critics' round-table on Saturday. Ophuls will subsequently make a tour of campuses around the country.

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