House Staffs Will Get A New Look


House Administration staffs will take on a new look over the next two years with at least three new House Masters and four Senior Tutors slated to be appointed by June 1974.

President Bok must find replacements for Bruce Chalmers, Master of Winthrop House, and Arthur Smithies, Master of Kirkland House. Chalmers and Smithies will retire in June 1974 when they reached 65, the maximum retirement age under University policies.

Bok has been seeking a House Master for Dunster House since early December. Roger Rosenblatt, Dunster's acting Master, announced in December he was leaving Harvard for a post at the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A fourth new face, an acting Master for Adams House, will appear while William Liller '48, Adams's permanent Master, is on leave for 1973-74.

Administration sources also speculated that Zeph Stewart, Master of Lowell House, may retire in June 1974. Stewart, however, denied that he had any immediate plans to leave.

House Masters are appointed by Bok with recommendations from Dean Whitlock.

The Corporation must also approve four Allston Burr Senior Tutors by the end of the year. Orlando Patterson, Senior Tutor in Leverett House, and Kevin O. Starr, Senior Tutor in Eliot House, both confirmed Thursday they would step down in June.

Chalmers said that a new Senior Tutor would be appointed in Winthrop House. Anthony T. Arlotto, assistant professor of Linguistics, is slated to take over for Thomas H. Connolly. Starr's post will go to Laura M. Gordon, tutor in Slavic Languages and Literature.

Gordon and Arlotto still must be approved by the Corporation. Both refused to comment on their selection until the Corporation acts.

Patterson's successor has not yet been named. The Corporation must also decide on the status of Kenneth M. Deitch '60, Senior Tutor in Mather House. Deitch's five-year appointment as assistant professor of Economics ended last year, and was not renewed.

Deitch, who has been Senior Tutor of Mather House since it opened in 1969, said Thursday his future plans were indefinite. "I'm looking for a job," Deitch said. "When things are more settled, I'll be more direct about my position as Senior Tutor."

Most Senior Tutors take the post for three years. Patterson, professor of Sociology in addition to his administrative duties, has been Senior Tutor for two years. Starr is in his third year at Eliot House.

Search lists undoubtedly will be formulated to assist Bok in finding replacements for Chalmers and Smithies. Dunster House residents submitted a list of 28 Faculty members to Bok last week, which Bok will use to name a new Master.

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