Fencers Name White as '73-74 Leader

The Harvard fencing team yesterday elected epee man Eugene White to be its captain for the 1973-74 season. White, who has fenced on the Crimson varsity for two years, succeeds Terry Valenzuela.

"White is a very disciplined fencer, who had not even fenced until he came here," Crimson coach Edo Marion said last night. "He will make a good captain."

White sees his role as captain as that of prodder, rather than any strict type of leader. "Basically I'll be pushing people a little and try to bring to life the team spirit," White said yesterday.

"Next year we'll try to get people to practice at least four times a week," White said, "and that means coming wholeheartedly--coming to get down the technical points of their games. That is what is important." Attendance at practice was somewhat sporadic at times this year.

Marion concurred with the role White cast for himself. "I appealed to the new captain to be a little more team-conscious," the coach said. "He should not be just a good guy; he should be a team leader and go after the ones who need certain controls."

"When I was just learning to fence in an athletic club at home, we used to like to go down to the promenade to watch the girls," Marion said. "I used to meet the girls, and, well, promenade. Our captain used to come down and make us go to practice. In Harvard Square there are the same type of distractions. I would hope that Eugene would be able to give that kind of control."

Marion said that he expected next year's squad to be fairly strong but added that "since we are a little out of the center of the fencing world [in New England], we will have to be a little more dedicated."

White agreed for the most part. "Next year we'll be very strong in the point weapons," he said. "Perhaps what we'll have to work on are the psychological aspects of the sport."