Bok Must Make New File Guidelines Or Face Court, Radical Union Says

The Harvard Radical Union will ask President Bok today to immediately cancel the University guidelines for the student files law and to draw up new guidelines at an open meeting with students.

In a letter which will be delivered to Bok at 9:15 this morning, members of the Radical Union say that if the University fails to comply with Union demands, the matter will be referred to legal counsel.

The letter states that "under the guise of allegedly bringing the University into compliance with [the student files] law, there has been a concerted effort to evade and avoid coming within its letter and spirit."

Although he refused comment on any specific action the Radical Union might take, Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, said last night "Any action Harvard is planning to take is in compliance with the law."

Bok could not be reached for comment last night.

However Joel Kreiger, a spokesman of the Union and a second year graduate student in Government, said last night that the Union doesn't think that the Rososvsky guidelines promote accessibility to student files.

University Guidelines

The University's guidelines for compliance with the law, which were released on October 26th by Dean Rosovsky, call for a complete review of all departmental files before the law takes effect.

Under the guidelines, GSAS documents on students will be destroyed if those who have prepared them under the assumption of confidentiality refuse to allow the statements to stand in the files or if those persons cannot be reached.