Ericson to Head Career Counseling

Katherine M. Ericson, former director of continuing education at Simmons College, will become director of Alumnae career services of Radcliffe this summer, replacing Ruth B. Rogers, who resigned in February.

The Office of Career Services is part of the Office of Career Services and Off-Campus Learning and provides Radcliffe alumnae with a lifetime service of career counseling. Ericson said yesterday that she will "work to further the concept of developing women's careers throughout life," and said she anticipated "greater cooperation between her office and the Office of Women's Education.

As director of continuing education at Simmons, working in a program she initiated, Ericson was responsible for advising undergraduates of career opportunities and training the staff of the Simmons Counseling Center until her departure in 1971.

Since then, Ericson has worked as an evaluator of the open classroom program for the Pittsburgh Board of Education.

Rogers had no comment concerning her resignation