The Know-Your-President-Warts-and-All Quiz

The Crimson used to have a semi-annual Oldies Quiz. It would have been easy popular to do another one, but nostalgia ain't what it used to be. Neither is President Nixon, so here's your chance to kick him while he's down.

Score one point for each correct answer. If you score more than ten, you'd probably be better off studying.

Answer are at the bottom of the page, but please don't look at them. Think of future quizzes. Peeking would be an easy thing to do--you could do it, all right, not problem--but it would be wrong.

That's for sure.


1 Why did Nixon fail in college football, according to his coach?

2 With what did Nixon reportedly occupy himself in 1959, while Eisenhower was reaching key summit decisions?

3 Ten years later, what did he promise to do while 300,000 demonstrators rallied in Washington to protest the war? What did he talk about in his dawn visit to demonstrators at the Lincoln Memorial?

4 In 1972, which coach did Nixon call up before the Super Bowl with "tips"?

5 Who won the Super Bowl that year?

6 Who did Nixon kick in the shins? When? Where?

7 Who did Nixon shove? When? Where?

8 Who did he slap? when? where?

9 If he had his life to live over, what did Nixon say he would like to be?

10 Who did the press not have to kick around? When? Where?

The Age of Innocence

11 How did presidential candidate William McKinley convert Frank Nixon, the president's father and previously a confirmed Democrat, to confirmed Republicanism?

12 During the Teapot Dome scandal, what did 12-year-old Richard Nixon tell his mother, Hannah, he had decided to become?

13 What is a "Quaker Compromise?"

14 What did Nixon do when he was afraid he was going to lose his scholarship as a first-year law student at Duke?

15 What happened when Nixon, fresh out of law school, applied for a job at the FBI?

16 Why did Nixon's first corporation, Citra-Frost, fail?

17 What was his mother's analysis of this failure?

18 How many colors did Nixon say he turned when "this good-looking girl, beautiful really," so he could handle her divorce case?

19 How many medals did Nixon say he probably deserved for his role as a supply officer in World War II?

20 What did Richard Nixon propose to Patricia Ryan on their first date, and what was her answer?

The End of Innocence

21 How does Nixon say he got into politics?

22 How do most other historians describe this incident?

23 During the 1946 campaign, several housewives reported receiving anonymous phone calls. What was their message?

24 In what did Nixon say the American people would boil Alger Hiss if they knew his true nature?

25 In 1962, a 16-year-old blonde girl astonished Nixon by asking what the Alger Hiss case was. Who was that girl?

26 Who was the "Pink Lady"?

27 What were the "Pink Sheets"?

28 In 1952, where did Nixon suggest that Adlai Stevenson had received his Ph. D.?

29 What did Nixon call the most important campaign issue of 1952?

30 When he moved to Washington, Nixon bought a hose for $41,000. To whom did Nixon agree not to sell the house?


31 What kind of dog was Checkers?

32 Who did Nixon tell to "piss or get off the pot"?

33 How did he refer to his wife, Pat, in the Checkers speech?

34 What kind of cloth coat did Nixon claim Pat owned?

35 Whose wife did he charge was neither respectable nor Republican?

36 In the speech, what kind of car did Nixon say he owned?

37 Nixon also revealed that his wife and children were insured for how much?

38 What was Nixon saying as his TV time ran out?

39 In addition to Checkers, what other gifts did Nixon allegedly receive?

40 What was Nixon's immediate assessment of the speech?

Rendevous With Destiny

41 What percentage of the "6926 Communists, fellow travelers, sex perverts, people with criminal records, dope addicts, drunks, and other security risks" Nixon charged the Truman administration had hired were removed by Eisenhower?

42 While vice president, how many times did Nixon cancel his subtion to The Washington Post?

43 When was the "New Nixon" introduced?

44 Who was Henry "The Dutchman" Grunwald?

45 Who did Nixon say was responsible for the 1954 Supreme Court decision on school integration?

46 On what aspect of that decision did Nixon later say Americans could have "honest differences of opinion"?

47 In his 1959 "kitchen debate" with Kruschev, what did Nixon cite to evidence American superiority?

48 What did Nixon do in 1960 at the Iowa School for the Deaf, and in 1968 at the Michigan School for the Deaf?

49 What advice did vice-presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge give to Nixon before the first Kennedy debate?

50 In the closing days of the 1960 campaign, Nixon promised to implement a policy of "Peace and Surrender." What did he actually intend to say?

Who Said...?

51 Who said: "Dick, you're my boy"?

52 Who said: "I'm not going to crawl on my hands and knees to him"?

53 Who said: "It looks like the Russian Revolution is going on out there"?

54 Who said: "And you know the kids love that do, and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we're going to keep it"?

55 Who said: "Nixon's a shifty-eyed goddamn liar, and everyone knows it"?

56 Who said: "I think I made it perfectly clear that when we were discussing the B-52 matter--the decision to delay flights of the B-52s for a period of 36 hours--that it related to the fact that the decision, when it was made, related to a period of 36 hours, and there was not a decision point after the decision to delay the flights for 36 hours to again order the resumption"?

57 Who analyzed the 1960 election: "Well, maybe we didn't win the election, but we won the hearts of the people"?

58 Who said: "I know you want to get the war over ... That's all right. Have a good time in Washington, and don't go away bitter"?

59 Who told reporters: "We finally have achieved a peach with honor. I know it gags some of you to write that phrase, but it is true"?

60 Who told reporters: "For 16 years, ever since the Hiss case, you've had a lot of fun--a lot of fun?"

Nixon's Friends

61 What former Nixon aide wears ties with embroidered elephants, entertains guests with a recording of the Marine Battle Hymn, and has the Green Beret motto, "If you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will soon follow," inscribed above his bar"

62 During the "slush fund" scandal of the 1952 election, Nixon dictated his resignation from Eisenhower's ticket. Two of his aides refused to send the telegram. Who were they?

63 Who claimed to be Nixon's "s.o.b."?

64 Who and Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Sanchez, and who found them?

65 Who was the young counsel to the McClellan Committee who discredited Nixon campaign director Murray Chotiner in 1956 for influence peddling?

66 When asked during the 1960 campaign by reporters for what decisions Nixon was responsible, what did President Eisenhower say?

67 Why did Melvin R. Laird decline to answer questions about the invasion of Laos in February 1971?

68 When Kim Agnew, then 13, tried to wear a moratorium armband during antiwar demonstrations in 1969, what happened to her?

69 Who is Nixon's tallest black supporter?

70 Who is Nixon's second-tallest black supporter?


71 What was Nixon's World War II nickname? What was John F. Kennedy's?

72 What did Whittaker Chambers's children call him?

73 Who is "The Mother Hen"?

74 Who is "The Pipe"?

75 Who is "The Brush"?

Racial Slurs

76 Who said: "Help Richard Nixon get rid of the Jew-Communists"?

77 Who called who "that little Jap"?

78 Who called a photographer "that fat Jap"?

79 Who said: "When I look out on a crowd, I don't see there a Negro, there an Italian, there a Polack..."?

80 Who said: When you've seen one slum, you've seen them all"?

81 Who said: "Pat's not a quitter. After all, her name was Patricia Ryan and she was born on St. Patrick's Day, and you know the Irish never quit"?

82 What kind o "Jew-boy did Nixon reportedly call Daniel Ellsberg '52 on the tapes?

83 Who did Nixon reportedly call just plain "Jew-boys"?

84 Who did Nixon reportedly call "The Wop"?

85 What did one Nixon aide reportedly say when asked about rumors that the Watergate tapes contained presidential references to "nooking the gooks"?

General Knowledge

86 According to Nixon's friend, Billy Graham, Whose tape recorder is running all the time"

87 What does Nixon eat with cat-sup "until it runs out of my ears"?

88 According to Nixon, what are the three passions of Quakers?

89 What song did Nixon pick for the wedding of Julie and David? Who is Julie's and David's favorite musician?

90 How does Nixon describe the difference between his daughters, Tricia and Julie?

91 On Nixon's last trip to Paris, he was warmly embraced by a friendly crowd, and, sensing the history of the moment, he declared, "This is a great day for France." What was the occasion?

92 In a March 1970 speech, what did Nixon say was his administration's first priority? At that time, how many sorties were American planes flying daily over Laos?

93 About what major American crop did Nixon say, "I don't even know what one looks like"?

94 One of Nixon's 1968 campaign slogans came from a poster held up by a young girl in Ohio. What did the poster say?

95-100 Name the six crises.

Bonus Question

(may be substituted for five wrong answers)

In the second Kennedy-Nixon debate, Nixon claimed that Eisenhower had restored three things to the presidency. The first two were dignity and decency. What did he identify--"frankly"--as the third?

P: 'I said I wanted the answers...'

1. He was slow and clumsy, and too eager--he kept jumping offsides.

2. Watching a televised football game.

3. Watching a televised football game.

4. Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins.

5. The Dallas Cowboys

6. A demonstrator who spat in his face; Caracas, Venezuela; 1958.

7. Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler; New Orleans; 1973.

8. Air Force Sgt. Edward Kleizo; Orlando, Fla.; 1973.

9. a sportscaster.

10. Nixon; Beverly Hilton Hotel; 1962.

11. By telling him he had a pretty horse.

12. "A lawyer who couldn't be bought."

13. Letting Whittier College students dance, but only off-campus--a deal negotiated by Whittier student body president Nixon.

14. He broke into the dean's office and examined the files.

15. He was rejected.

16. The plastic bags he filled with orange juice kept bursting.

17. Citra-Forest was an idea whose time had not yet come.

18. Fifteen.

19. "A couple of battle stars."

20. Marriage; no.

21. He answered a newspaper advertisement for a Republican opponent for Congressman Jerry Voorhis.

22. A committee of local bankers and businessmen hand-picked him.

23. "I'm a friend of yours, but I can't identify myself. I just wanted you to know Jerry Voorhis is a Communist."

24. Oil.

25. Tricia.

26. Helen Gahagan Douglas.

27. Lists of congressional votes on which Douglas had taken the same stand as Rep. Vito Marcantonio (Amer. Labor N.Y.).

28. Dean Acheson's College of Cowardly Communist containment.

29. "Destroying the forces of communism at home and abroad."

30. Blacks and Jews.

31. Cocker Spaniel.

32. Eisenhower.

33. "She's a wonderful stenographer."

34. "Respectable Republican."

35. Sen. John Sparkman (D-Ala.), the Democratic vice-presidential candidate.

36. A 1950 Oldsmobile.

37. $0.

38. "So remember, folks, Eisenhower is a wonderful man..."

39. $18.235 for "mailing on which I do not choose to use the much-abused senatorial franking privilege."

40. "At least we won the dog vote."

41. 96 per cent, according to Nixon.

42. Only twice--he didn't like the Herblock cartoons.

43. 1956. It surfaced when convenient.

44. A shady Washington character caught laundering campaign funds for Nixon in 1956.

45. "That great Republican Chief Justice, Earl Warren."

46. Whether the Supreme Court had a right to issue it, whether the Supreme Court should have issued it, and how it ought to be enforced.

47. Color television.

48. He wept copiously.

49. To try to erase his "assassin image."

50. Peace without surrender.

51. Ike in '52.

52. Nixon, when Ike summoned him to Wheeling, W. Va., after the Checkers speech.

53. Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell, watching 300,000 antiwar demonstrators outside the Justice Department in 1969.

54. Nixon, in the Checkers speech.

55. Truman.

56. White House Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler, in 1969.

57. Julie, the morning after.

58. Nixon, to antiwar demonstrators at the Lincoln Memorial in 1970.

59. Nixon, January 31, 1973.

60. Nixon, at his Last Press Conference.

61. Charles W. Colson.

62. Rose Marry Woods and Murray Chotiner.

63. H.R. "Bob" Haldeman.

64. Valet and maid of the Nixon family; Bebe Rebozo.

65. Robert F. Kennedy '48.

66. "If you give me a week, I might think of one."

67. "To make sure that we will not open any credibility gap."

68. Her father stopped her.

69. Wilt Chamberlain.

70. We don't know, but it could be Sammy Davis Jr.

71. "Nick"; "Shafty."

72. "Nixy."

73. Rose Mary Woods.

74. John Mitchell.

75. H.R. Haldeman.

76. Gerald L.K. Smith, in the 1946 election.

77. John J. Wilson; Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii).

78. Spiro T. Agnew in '68.

79. Agnew in '68.

80. Agnew in '68.

81. Nixon in the Checkers speech.

82. A "c*cks*ck*ing Jew-boy" [vowels deleted].

83. henry A. Kissinger '50 and the members of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

84. Federal Judge John J. Sirica.

85. "Your have to understand the president's sense of humor..."

86. God's.

87. Cottage cheese.

88. Peace, civil rights, and tolerance.

89. "The Impossible Dream"; Dave Brubreck.

90. When the Nixon family saw King of Kings, "Julie exclaimed, 'It was wonderful! I cried so much.' Tricia said, 'I didn't cry when Christ died--He had suffered so much. I cried during the Sermon on the Mount because it was so beautiful."

91. Georges Pompidou's funeral.

92. Peace; figures vary. Sen. Alan Cranston (D-Calif.) put it at 12,500-15,000.

93. soybeans.

94. "Bring Us Together Again."

95-100. The Hiss case (1948), the fund furor and Checkers speech (1952), Ike's heart attach (1955), the Latin American tour (1958), the Kitchen Debate with Kruschev (1959), the 1960 presidential campaign.

BONUS. "Good language."