Commission Affirms Confidential Status Of Students Cases

The acting chairman of the Commission of Inquiry said yesterday that all cases pending before the commission will be dealt with on a confidential basis.

Roy G. Gordon '61, professor of Chemistry, said exceptions to this policy will be determined by the academic community's interest in the issue under consideration.

The Commission of Inquiry is a grievance committee for students, consisting of three Faculty members and two students, that channels student complaints to appropriate University departments and makes recommendations concerning the issues it handles.

Gordon said that the statement of policy was prompted by The Crimson's December 11 coverage of the case of Angela M. Leonard '76. In that case, Leonard charged that her C grade in Afro-American Studies 115b was not based on her work in class, but was partly due to the fact that she is the daughter of Walter J. Leonard, special assistant to President Bok.

Gordon said that "significant" cases in which a decision has been reached by the Faculty will be published in a report issued at the end of the academic year.

Gordon also said that students wishing to have their grievances made public could do so "if they can convince the committee that their grievances are important enough to the academic community, and if all parties involved agree to it."