To the Editors of The Crimson:

On Saturday, December 14, 1974, I was told to leave the bus carrying the freshman hockey team to Brown University because I refused to wear a tie. The coach, Tim Taylor, gave no reason for his action other than saying that it was a rule for players to wear a jacket plus tie or turtleneck for all games away from home. I vaguely see the reasoning whereby Harvard would object to being represented by a team of players wearing tattered jeans and old tennis shoes, but since I was very nicely dressed, this reasoning would not seem to apply in my case. I object to being required to wear a tie, especially if the only reason offered is the fact that such a rule exists. The whole affair seems awfully trite. I think it is a sad comment on Harvard athletics that a student should be prevented from playing a sport that he enjoys on account of a personal objection to something as far removed from hockey as a necktie. Abraham Morgentaler