Harvard Sailors Take 1st, 3rd; Cliffe Squad Wins Team Races

The Harvard sailing team raced to first place in the invitational regatta held at Boston University last Saturday.

Buck Webb '78 skippered the A-division victory, while co-skippers Jim Morse and Andy Estaphaniou '79 backed him up in the second division.

Last Sunday the Radcliffe sailors captured first place laurels in team racing held on home waters. The Cliffe skippers Sarah Herrick '76, Lora Fleming '78, and Laura Brown '79 managed to take two out of three of their races against each of the three other schools entered in the regatta.

Herrick said yesterday, "In team racing you have to look to see how your team-mates are doing instead of looking out just for yourself. It involves a different kind of strategy, and can get confusing, but we've had a lot of practice with it."

Meanwhile Captain Pam Mack '77 finished fifth in the Emily Wick Regatta at MIT.

The Harvard sailors also raced for the Danmark Trophy on Saturday and Sunday at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. At the end of the first day, skippers Terry Neff '77, and Chris Hornig '76 were leading by a few points in the regatta, which 16 colleges participate in. But by the time the 28th and last race had finished on Sunday the Crimson sailors trailed eight points behind Tufts.

Crimson skippers Tony Legett '76 and Jim Hammitt '78 finished third last Sunday in their bid for the Donaghy Bowl at Worcester. The freshman team also brought home a third that same day at the invitational held at Yale.