Hemispheres Robbed

Two armed men robbed the Hemispheres Restaurant of approximately $160 last night.

The two men entered the restaurant at around 11:20 p.m. and walked up to the take-out counter. "They were acting obnoxious about standing in front of the counter," Anne Kahn, a Hemispheres' employee said last night. "They were taking up space and they said they were going to make a take-out order."

One of the men went into the kitchen. "He called the dishwasher over, and I went over to the dishwasher. Then he grabbed me," Amy Myers, a Hemispheres cook, said just after the robbery.

"He pointed a gun at me and said 'Don't say a word or I'll shoot,'" she continued. Then the robber demanded that Kahn empty the register and put all the money in a brown paper bag.

After he got the money, the robber demanded everyone in the kitchen not move. Then he and his partner left, walking down Mt. Auburn St. towards Central Sq., she said.

This is the second theft at Hemispheres in a month. The stereo was stolen four weeks ago.

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