To start things rolling, the Kinks will be appearing tonight at the Orpheum where they will perform the uncut version of their latest rock operetta, Schoolboys In Disgrace, or The Making of a Despot a la Gilbert and Sullivan. This is a marvelous opportunity to trace the psychological components which led directly to Mr. Flash's demise and at the same time enjoy one of the finest rock/theater troupes in the business.

On Saturday there will be concerts by Dave Mason and 10CC, though unfortunately they will be in separate locations. Former Traffic member Mason, living comfortably due to the success of his latest album Split Coconut, will be at the Music Hall along with his band. For those who prefer the cosmopolitan rock of 10CC, they, along with their "Parisian Revue," will be at the Orpheum. As a special attraction, the group Streetwalker will be making its debut. Former Family members Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney compose this group's core and if that's any indication of the band's quality, they shouldn't be missed.

Those who come to the Music Hall on Dec. 8 will see Linda Ronstadt at the nelm and if success hasn't spoiled her, this could be one of the best performances of the year.