Spring Vacation. Reviewed by Michael Massing in today's Scrutiny, above. Crimson meteorologists and haruspices predict a less-than-splendid spring break, especially for those staying in the Harvard area. Tomorrow through April 7.

Ricks and Embarassment. Christopher Ricks, the tall, affable English lit-crit mogul (who has finally managed to have himself translated from Bristol to Cambridge University) will speak in the Winthrop House JCR the day after school begins, April 8 at 8 p.m. The title of Ricks's lecture--seriously--is "Five Songs by Bob Dylan." Rumor has it Northrop Frye, in response, is considering adding a coda to his Norton Lectures on "The Secular Scripture" to be called "Myths of Ascent and Descent in 'Lay, Lady, Lay'." Such rumors, though, like so many scriptures themselves, may well be apocryphal.