Radcliffe Crushes Conn., 8-1, In First Home Tennis Match

The Radcliffe Tennis Team was the inhospitable host yesterday, downing their first visitor of the season, Connecticut College, 8-1 in the Palmer-Dixon Courts.

On the courts for the first time since last Thursday's romp over Brandeis, the Radcliffe six picked up all the doubles matches while registering a loss at the first singles slot.

Muscatine Loses

Captain Lissa Muscatine fell prey to Joe Curran, 6-4, 6-3, Curran, who has lost only two collegiate matches in the last four years, both to Lisa Rosenblum of Yale, pulled ahead 4-1 in the first set. The scrappy Muscatine evened it up with three straight, but lost the set in the last two games.

"I prefer being the underdog," Muscatine said. "Curran is a strong player and plays an aggressive game." Citing an inconsistent serve as her weakness in the match, Muscatine said she is working on her game and is hopeful she is coming out of a slump that started on the team's spring southern tour.

Second singles player Suki Magraw whipped her opponent Wendy Miller 6-3, 6-2. Denise Thal in the third position followed up with a 6-4, 6-1 scalding of Bambi Flickinger. Rita Funaro, Maude Wood and Ann Koufman added the final three points to the team score on the singles side.

No-Add Scoring

"Since the outdoor courts aren't ready yet, to save time indoors we used the no add, NCAA, system of scoring. "The system gives a slight advantage to the underdog, because you can win a game on a dumb mistake." That said yesterday.

The doubles team closed out the meet with a clean slate. Muscatine and Thal paired up and produced identical 6-2 set victories. The other two pairs, playing one match a piece, Magraw and Funaro picked up a 10-5 win and Wood and Koufman capped the meet off with an easy 10-3 trouncing of the Connecticut pair.

The next challenge to the undefeated Radcliffe squad is today at 3:45 p.m. against Tufts at the Palmer-Dixon Courts.

Next Saturday, the Radcliffe Tennis Team will face Yale in a meet Thal predicted would be the most difficult of the season. Leading the Yale team will be Lisa Rosenbaum, the New England Intercollegiate Champion.