Advocate, Padan Aram Suffer Mix-Up Over Rights to Poem

Harvard Advocate editors cancelled publication of a poem originally scheduled for their December issue after it appeared yesterday in another poetry magazine, Padan Aram.

Sara Binder '77, Advocate poetry editor, said yesterday that "All Flesh," a poem by Jeffrey Gustavson '76, had been typeset for publication but will now be taken out of the magazine.

"We don't print anything that has already been published somewhere else," Binder said. She added that the Advocate did not know the poem had been submitted to any other magazines. "It's an unfortunate mistake," she said.

Binder said Gustavson should have informed the Advocate that his poem would be appearing elsewhere. "This is an irresponsible act by the author," she said. "He should have advised me that it had been accepted by Padan Aram."

Poet Not Home

Gustavson could not be reached for comment last night.

David Godolphin '78, Padan Aram editor-in-chief, said yesterday he was unaware the Advocate had plans to publish the poem. "I'm sorry to hear that they had to cancel it," he said.

Gustavson probably did not realize that the poem was being considered by both magazines, Godolphin added. "It may have slipped his mind," he said.

Douglas A. McIntyre '77, Advocate editor-in-chief, said yesterday the Advocate will replace the poem with "some other copy or some artwork." "If we printed it, we would violate copyright laws," McIntyre said. Padan Aram is copyrighted, as is the Advocate.

Publications Ignorant

"Ignorance between the publications causes such problems. The Advocate is not always aware of what Padan Aram is doing," McIntyre said.

A few poets have had different poems appear in both magazines. Godolphin said.

"There's often an overlap between Padan Aram and the Advocate," he added.