Planetary Physics

The fund drive for the Center for Earth and Planetary Physics has moved very slowly, collecting only $1.2 million over the past two years, out of a total of $4.1 million needed. The drive, which will be completed in two years, is aimed at individuals and corporations that are interested in ecology, the ocean, and the environment. "We are interested in the stewardship of the earth and hope that those in science, academia, government and business concerned with where the earth is going will be tapped to give to the drive," Thompson said.

A committee of 20 prominent businessmen, including Charles F. Adams, chairman of the board of Raytheon Company, Joseph P. Downer, executive vice president of the Atlantic Richfield Co., Allen E. Puckett, vice president of Hughes Aircraft Co., and Donald H. McLaughlin, chairman of the Executive Committee of Homestake Mining Company, have formed the national committee to raise money for the center which will utilize their extensive contacts in the business community.