Harwell Will Resign as Tutor; Accepts Fiscal Services Post

John S. Harwell, senior tutor at Mather House, will be resigning his tutorial post June 30. Harwell has accepted and is currently working at a full-time position for the Office of Fiscal Services.

David Herlihy, master of Mather House, cited the difficulty of occupying two administrative roles simultaneously as a key reason for Harwell's intended resignation.

"He's been wanting to give up the senior tutorship. The reason he stayed on this year was to make the transition smoother for the new administration at Mather," Herlihy said yesterday. This is Herlihy's first year as master at Mather House.

Edward Hume '77, a Mather House resident, said yesterday, "From what I observed, he seemed to get along with a large number of students. He wasn't a stiff, cold, administrative sort. He was a very personable guy."

Harwell began his post at the Office of Fiscal Services in July 1976. He has been a senior tutor at Mather for four years. Harwell said yesterday that it was understood between Harwell and Herlihy from the start of the term that Harwell would be leaving in June.

Lyle Kan '77, president of the Mather House Council, said there were many students who weren't familiar with Harwell.

"Not everybody gets to meet the senior tutor unless you have a problem," he said yesterday. "I'm sorry to see him leave but I understand him wanting to move on to other things."