Appendix C: Estimated costs of the task force recommendations.

1. Quad improvements

South House dining hall $375,000(1)

Squash courts 200,000

Major athletic facility, including swimming pool 5,000,000

New residential construction including

126 students suites, 2 tutors, master 2,000,000

2. Four year Houses--conversion of Yard to

Houses 6-10,000,000 range (2)

3. Reduction of all Houses to no more than 350

students. Loss of tuition from 425 students,

4100 @ student 1,750,000(3)

4. Expansion of practical arts training ?

5. Subsidies to performing arts ?

6. Improvement of House facilities for arts

activities 120,000

Annual subsidy for House arts activities @5000/House(60,000)

7. PBH half-time advisor (per year) 5000

8. Expansion of Shuttle Bus Service ?

(1) Currently under consideration

(2) Not considered economically feasible

(3) Without any of the alternative suggestions (terms off, transfers, etc.)


Stephen Williams


Laura Gordon Fisher

John Hutchinson

Robert Kiely

David Riesman

Sidney Verba

Stephen Williams


Judith Walzer


Rozlyn Anderson

Jeff Sonnenfeld

Christopher Leman, Teaching Fellow in Government