A CIA Test Tube


Add Harvard to the ever-growing list of American universities that agreed to do some of the dirtier work handled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). University officials disclosed earlier this week that CIA financial records showed Harvard involvement in two research projects conducted under the agency's MK-ULTRA human behavior control project.

Details on the precise extent of the University's CIA connection remained murky at the end of the week. Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, said that the two projects in question involved no drug experimentation, but he refused to reveal the names of the individuals who participated in the projects or the exact nature of their relationship to the University.

Local CIA buffs will have to wait at least two weeks, before Steiner finishes leafing through the substantial CIA documents and releases the particulars of just how exactly Harvard tested the hearts--and especially the minds--of CIA guinea pigs in the 1950s.

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