Virgo Insight


Before I reached the door it opened smoothly,

as if by some mutual signal.

And no one could be seen.

I never really broke my stride,

but as I passed through the doorway

I felt her presence--

as shocking to my sense

as the sudden warmth of the rock floored


At first I had only a passing glance--

the impression of which I immediately savored.

It was tremendous,

satisfying in incredible ways.

And as I stepped pass the door

she very nearly appeared.

Although she had only backed away

deeper into the shadow,

she revealed to me a sudden presence

and bathed my joyous soul with her smile.

I do not know the circumstances

that brought her here today,

and what few words we exchanged

are lost to time forgotten.

But the moments

of spirits touching,

of life-flow-as-one,

of just enjoying

the facts of chance,

the mysteries of eyes that sparkle--

for all of this

and for tomorrow--

I am happy that I live.


Practice patience.

Let it balance the force of your anticipation.

Practice appreciation of the woman,

who you'll see is like no other.

Her moods are facets--

they define the jewel.

If your light is right, you'll catch the sparkle.

Practice love

for among her needs is reflection.

If she cannot see in you her own,

a confirmation of beauty and balance,

this fine and precious jewel

will most likely be stolen by thieves.

Every leaf shall turn

With the sureness of the autumn

every leaf shall turn.

And what was green, flowing with life

is now of golden hue,

evidence of life's passage.

And as we all fall only to spring

we recognize

what continues.

Season to season, life to life.

The flow of color.

The rhythm of changes.

We reflect the sureness

of gold,

of rainbow,

of rhythm of changes.

Every leaf shall turn.



only for friends,


bonds of long standing,



and transcends

the demanding,

stretches connections

that reach the spirit

and forces deceptions

of all who come near it.

In respectful memory of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (May 19, 1977)

Take the time to feel

the rhythm of our people,

for they are always moving.

Take care to provide

for each other, and especially

for the children,

for they are always growing.

Take the weight of the weak

and share the burdens of the strong,

for the balance of power is shifting

and the future belongs to us.

Take the road of unity

and forsake all others,

for there is destiny to fulfill

and wisdom to pass on.

Take control of your minds

and consider your family,

for both your household

and your community

need you at your best.

Take your love

and save the world

by living the truth,

by struggling for justice.

We have not come this far

if it were not meant

for us to be free.


we must take tomorrow

in full faith and confidence

that it is truly our own.

If we can see within ourselves

the reflections of a nation,

then we can move as one,

in struggle against our oppression

and in harmony with our national being.

Then for each of us,

each of us is important.

And for all of us...

we will always feel

the rhythm of our people,

for they are always moving.

Come, let us take tomorrow.