Seniors Choose Finalists For Class Marshals

Almost 800 seniors voted Monday to choose the eight Radcliffe and eight Harvard finalists who will appear on the Class Marshal ballot, Victor A. Koivumaki '68, of the Alumni Office, said yesterday.

The Radcliffe finalists are: Andrea L. Davis, Karen Fifer, Joy Kahlenberg, Nancy B. Levin, Diane P. McLean, Margarita M. Montoto, Virginia Anne Muller and Phyllis Yale.

The Harvard finalists are: Brad G. Behrman, Joseph E. Cooper, Thomas "Beef" DiBenedetto, Christopher F. Dowd, Daniel McCarthy, Lou Marczuk, Joseph F. Savage Jr., and Michael K. Savit.

Harvard and Radcliffe seniors will vote tonight and tomorrow to choose four students from each college to be marshals of the Class of '78.

The finalists were chosen from an initial list of 39 Harvard and 22 Radcliffe candidates, a decline from last year's record 74 Harvard-Radcliffe candidates. Most winners said yesterday they were pleased with their success. Levin said "I'm very flattered and excited." Brad G. Behrman said "I was pleasantly surprised--I really had no idea what sort of chance I had." Michael K. Savit, Crimson sports editor, said "I feel like I just went 4-0 in the Cube predix." Koivumaki said he would announce the winners of the upcoming vote on Monday.

Five of the 16 finalists live in Kirkland House; four in Lowell; three in Quincy; two in Winthrop; and one each in Adams and Leverett Houses. No successful candidate lives at the Quad.

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