Frosh Champs

Utilizing the less than well known "multi-putz" offense, Holworthy Hall snatched the freshman intramural touch football championship yesterday. downing Mathews Hall, 19-6.

Quarterback Daryl Libow led the Holworthy charge, making good use of the multi-putz, which he said is "like a wish-bone option, with a lot of options."

Holworthy scored first when Libow pitched out to half-back Glen Fossella, and Fossella passed to Jay Weinstein, who made a leaping catch in the end zone.

The same play worked twice again, as Gavin McCleod completed touchdown tosses to Bob Cashion and Tom Brown.

The Squad will now rest up for the Yale weekend, when it will travel to New Haven to take on the Yale freshman champs.

"I'm very pleased," said Captain Libow. "We're very confident that we'll take Yale."

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