Grad Student Escaped Rape Near Gutman

A University police official yesterday gave more complete details on the near rape of a Harvard graduate student two weeks ago.

Gutman Area

Capt. Jack Morse said yesterday a car pulled up next to the woman as she walked down Appian Way from Gutman Library, and the occupant asked her for directions.

He "grabbed her into the car and made threats," but the woman apparently persuaded the assailant not to rape her, and escaped from the car, Morse said.

Morse said the incident, mistakenly reported as a rape in the weekly summary of crimes released by University police, was in fact an attempted rape.

Morse added that the graduate student did not require any medical care after the assault.

University police have a "good description" of the assailant and believe he is not a member of the Harvard community, Morse said.

Won't Help

Morse said the increased security measures many Houses are now considering introducing would have no effect on this kind of street incident. "In an urban environment, with lots of people running around, you just have to take your chances," he added.