Cornell Fencers Sharpen Cutlery Against Radcliffe

The Radcliffe fencing squad succumbed 12-4 to a classy Cornell outfit in action at the IAB last Saturday.

Led by Becky Biledeau, top-ranked in the Ivies, the Big Red was just too tough for the Crimson. "They were a much more experienced and technically advanced team," Crimson fencer Nancy Cooper lamented yesterday.

Cornell's dominance was evident in the scoring as only Kathy Lowry was able to garner even a 2-2 split. Cooper provided a little Harvard excitement in her one win against three losses as she touched to a 5-0 shutout. Debby See was also 1-3 while captain Leonida Rasenas suffered through a 0-4 day.

It wasn't a total loss for the Crimson, however, for the Cornell thrashing provided some hard-won experience for upcoming battles with Wellesley and Yale. "You learn a lot because they are such excellent fencers," Leonidas said.