Film Listings


From Here to Eternity. Or at least to the Leverett Dining Hall, Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10.

Bringing Up Baby. Leopards and luvy-duvy-do. At the Harkness Commons Dining Hall, Saturday at 8 and 10.

Julius Caesar. Brando and the I--dahs of March. At Emerson Hall 105, on Friday and at the Mather House Dining Hall on Saturday, both days at 8 and 10:15.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know...And got too bored to ask. At got too bored to ask. At the Quincy House Dining Hall, Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10. Sunday at 8.

Top Hat. Rogers, Astaire, and not an arbeiter in sight. Marking the premiere of the Dunster House Film Society, Friday at 8 and 10:15 in the D-House Dining Hall.

Start the Revolution Without Me. Donald Sutherland and some affair of twins. Installment two in the D-House Film Society premiere, also in the dining hall on Saturday, at 8 and 10.

Freedom Railroad. A real unknown entity. At the Kirkland House Dining Hall, Thursday and Friday at 8.

Railroad Turnbridge and Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street. Probably as abstruse as they sound. At the Harvard Epworth Church, Sunday at 7:30.

Puppet Animation. Pixillation, or so the releases promise. At Center Screen in the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 and 9:30.


Therese. Bourgeois crisis in the French provinces. At the Brattle Theater, daily at 7:40.

How Funny Can Sex Be? Well? At the Central Cinema One, Daily at 7:15. With The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, at 9.

Nickelodeon. Bogdonavich--meaning, bad. At the Central Cinema Two, daily at 7. With Bedazzled, at 9:15

Small Change. And not a short change. At the Galeria, daily at 2, 3:55, 5:50, 7:50 and 9:45.

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Film Listings
At Harvard Rollerball. At the Science Center C, Friday at 8 and 10. At Science Center D, Saturday at 8
On the Waterfront. At the Leverett House Dining Hall, Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10. The Nutty Professor. At
Film Listings
At Harvard One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In Science Center B, Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10. Andromeda
At Harvard To Catch a Thief. At Quincy House Dining Hall, Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10. With Dial
FILM At Harvard
His Girl Friday. Friday and Saturday at 8 and 10 in Lehman Hall. The Thing. Saturday at 8 and 10
Film Listings
HARVARD Science Center C Serpico. Friday and Saturday at 10. With On the Town, at 8. Science Center B Exodus.