Broken Door Raises Eliot Officials' Ire

House Cancels Happy Hour

Broken window panes in the door to H-entry of Eliot House following a Thursday night party led House officials to cancel the Friday evening happy hour and call a meeting of all H-entry residents.

Alan E. Heimert '49, master of Eliot House, and Laura Gordon Fisher, senior tutor for the House, sent a letter to all H-entry members saying the meeting concerned "the continuing pre-adolescent behavior of some entry members culminating in the wanton destructiveness of Thursday evening."

Heimert and Fisher yesterday declined to comment on the incident.

St. Pat's

Entry residents said the festivities began in the entry on Thursday at a St. Patrick's Day party sponsored by the Eliot House Committee and held in the Junior Common Room in H-entry. They added that some entry members organized another party on the third floor of the entry which continued after the JCR party broke up.

Residents of Eliot House present at the party said yesterday most of the people at the party were not members of the House.

Several residents added they do not believe House members caused the damage and that the cancellation of the happy hour was unfair because it penalized the entire House for the actions of a few.

Several notices were posted around the House Friday saying the happy hour was cancelled because of the damage in H-entry.

John E. Jackenfelds '79 said yesterday that next to the original notice a sign was put up which read "Happy hour is cancelled because of Laura."

Lively Entry

Many members of H-entry said the entry is the "rowdiest" in the House. One resident said, "Compared to the other entries we're the rowdiest. It's sort of to be expected considering the kind of people we have here."

Some entry members said they believe the fact that no tutor lives in the entry is partially responsible for its rowdy nature.

Several residents said the entry had been "stacked," to some extent with the loudest students in the House. "They've created a monster," one entry member said. "They put all the people who were bothering other people in this entry."

Residents expressed skepticism about the value of the meeting between entry members and Heimert and Fisher to be held Tuesday night.


Tennint A. Tranchan '77, a student in H-entry, said the meeting should be used to "get people to accept responsibility for what goes on in their room." He added it would be "very wrong and very ineffective" to attempt to assign blame for the individual acts of destructiveness.