Hastings Submits Proposal For North House Suites

J. Woodland Hastings, master of North House, said yesterday he has submitted two proposals to establish "student suites" in North House.

Hastings sent one letter to the North House committee and the second to the University.

Hastings said he submitted a plan for the creation of suites in Holmes, Comstock and Moors Halls to Dean Rosovsky two weeks ago. The proposal would connect some single rooms to form multiple student suites.

None of the three halls currently features suites.

If Francis A. Lawton, assistant dean for facilities, approves the plan, construction of the suites would begin over the summer, Hastings said.

Lawton was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Hastings also presented the North House Committee with a plan to build a dormitory composed entirely of suites between Holmes and Moors halls within three years. The North House Committee has not yet taken any action on the proposal.

Pipe Dream

"The new dormitory is very much in the planning stage," Hastings said.

Michael J. Jiminez, assistant senior tutor of North House and coordinator of North House housing, said yesterday that "while we regret the passage of the Fox plan, we're trying to make North House an attractive place to live."

Jiminez said "an underlying motivation" of the idea was the desire to make North House more attractive to students who want to live in suites.

He added, however, that the number of suites in the House would depend on the number of sophomores assigned to it this year.

Hastings's plans call for "suite capability," leaving each room with a door attached to the hallway, in case occupants do not wish to live in a suite, Jiminez said. Not all floors in Holmes, Comstock and Moors Halls would have suites, he added.

The plan for the creation of suites in the dormitories calls for connecting a doublesized bedroom to "closet singles" on either side, with all rooms having a door to the corridor.

Steven Rapp '78, North House Committee chairman, said yesterday he thinks juniors and seniors would request most of the proposed suites.

Sasha Pyle '80, who made North House her first choice in yesterday's housing lottery, said yesterday the suite idea "sounds great."

"I don't see why there shouldn't be a demand for the suites by sophomores," she said. "It will give students a lot of options in deciding how they'd like to live," she added.