The Root of All Evil

Harvard's 40 Largest Holdings

U.S. Government$246,914,156 IBM  $74,109,498 Ford  $55,562,975 Mobil  $53,036,556 Exxon  $41,937,361 Quebec Hydro-Electric  $31,354,629 G.M.  $30,614,761 Eastman Kodak  $26,828,948 Continental Oil  $22,064,320 General Reinsurance Group  $21,790,981 MAPCO  $21,218,851 Getty  $20,219,9033 Atlantic Richfield  $17,570,839 Standard Oil of California  $17,074,654 St. Regis Paper  $15,353,397 General Electric  $15,187,405 Sears, Roebuck  $14,924,096 Beneficial  $13,822,884 Caterpillar Tractor  $13,741,103 Province of Ontario  $12,335,910 Dow Chemical  $12,227,949 Aluminum Co. of America  $11,865,565 Union Carbide  $11,068,724 U.S. Steel  $10,915,154 Kimberly-Clark  $10,676,454 International Nickel of Canada  $10,502,593 Procter & Gamble  $10,376,375 Continental Group  $9,939,553 Smith, Kline  $8,946,86 Phillips Petroleum  $8,918,217 Standard Oil of Indiana  $8,913,351 Dome Petroleum  $8,635,656 Gulf  $8,538,075 Pennzoil  $8,280,000 Kingdom of Norway  $8,072,510 Bristol-Myers  $7,493,988 Johnson and Johnson  $7,474,908 Texaco  $7,463,485 Federated Department Stores  $7,200,423 Georgia-Pacific  $6,969,340

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