Upperclassmen Line Up For Registration Today

Almost 5000 upperclassmen will brave devastating crowds and haranguing sales pitches as they flock to Memorial Hall today to officially declare themselves Harvard students.

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. when the brawny and bronzed students enter the dim recesses of Mem Hall to sign dotted lines and collect course catalogues and bursar's cards crucial to their new year at Harvard.


An estimated 15 per cent of the returning students will face delays in registering because they have not paid their term bills, a spkesman in the Term Bill Office said yesterday.

The frightful red dot that will appear on these students' registration envelopes will force rerouting to the Term Bill Office and a fine of $10 if they cannot produce checks to cover the first installment of their term bills.

Upperclassmen have been greeting old friends and struggling up flights of stairs, with their booty since last Friday when dormitories open.

Most of the returning students interviewed yesterday did not look forward to Registration at all.

"After a few years, the sampling of leaflets and pamphlets is about as fun as a wine-tasting at Boone's farm," David J. Anderson '78 said.

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