Out of the Mothballs and Onto the Ice

Well, the last two nights you've been listening to, "Here's the pitch, That ball's well hit, going, going, It's OUT

Well, the last two nights you've been listening to, "Here's the pitch, That ball's well hit, going, going, It's OUT OF HERE!!!" Now, you're undoubtedly looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend glued to your TV set watching the World Series and waiting to see the fans in Yankee Stadium rip up half the outfield, infield, and pitcher's mound. Or perhaps you're waiting to see Steve Garvey modestly praise God and Country as he courteously accepts accolades for the Dodgers' triumph.

However, tonight you can begin enjoying "Skate, skate, the puck's in front of the goal, it's on Cashman's stick, SCORE!!!" That's right, the hockey season commences tonight, and since there isn't a World Series game today, you might as well catch the Boston Bruins' opener against the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight at the Boston Garden.

Once you've gotten to the Garden, it will be easy to find your way back tomorrow night for "Dribble, dribble, there's Cowens in the key, SWISH!!!" The Celtics will open their season against the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday as the NBA swings into action. If you're an intense Garden-er then hang around for Saturday night's Celtic contest versus Houston, and then catch the Bruins again Sunday, when they host Toronto.

As for the World Series, gametimes will be:

Friday at New York 8:30

Saturday at New York 3:30 (if necessary)

Sunday at New York 4:30

Tuesday at Los Angeles 8:30

Wednesday at Los Angeles 8:30

If you're not resigned to spending the rest of the autumn indoors watching professional athletes, then you'll certainly be at Soldiers Field Saturday afternoon to watch the Crimson football team match-up against Cornell in (if you'll excuse me) the battle of the cellar-dwellars. Of course, I've got to point out that Cornell and Harvard, who are currently occupying the bottom two rungs of the Ivy League column after only one game, both sport better overall records than the two co-leaders, Yale and Dartmouth--so there.

The men's varsity soccer squad will face its Cornell counterparts at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, on the Business School field. Friday, the women JV booters will tackle the Club Atlantic at 3:30, while at the same time, the women JV tennis team will be hosting Brandeis.

Speaking of women's tennis, the varsity racquetwomen will be out at Wellesley Saturday and Sunday competing in the Massachusetts State Championships. Now isn't that a good reason to use up all those bus tickets you've had in your bottom drawer since freshman year? Next Tuesday, the women will face Tufts for the third time in the last two weeks. (Last weekend the Cliffe squad tied for first place with Tufts in the Greater Boston Tennis Tournament.)

The Greater Boston Cross Country Championships will be held at Franklin Park Tuesday, starting at 4 p.m. Both the men and women harriers will be taking part in the meet. All that is left to see in Cambridge this week is the freshman football 'B' squad in action against the Mass Maritime JV's.

You know, if the Rose Bowlwere played next week, Washington State would square-off against the University of Wisconsin. Now, I hope everyone will remember my prediction the first week of the year when I declared that the Badgers would eventually win the Big Ten crown.

This week the Badgers travel to Champaign, Illinois, where they will encounter the Fighting Illini. Last week Missouri beat Illinois 45-3, so guess who will still be leading the Big Ten next week. I rest my case.

It was so hard to decide the lucky recipient of this week's "Cheer of the Week," that I chose a winner and two honorable mentions. The honorable mentions were, of course, satires on those Colgate toothpaste commercials. More printable was this week's winner, "Rip an arm off. Rip a leg off. We love football!"