Student Group Joins Effort Against Core

The Students Against Core Curriculum (SACC), a group of students opposed to the College's proposed Core Curriculum, will meet with the Ad Hoc Committee on Core Curriculum and the Students Issues Coalition Thursday night in an effort to consolidate the student anti-core movement.

The SACC, composed of a group of student representatives from each House, was organized by six Mather House residents.

Although it is meeting with affiliated anti-core groups this week, the SACC is postponing official demonstrations against the plan until the end of spring vacation. Right now, the gorup is concentrating on rallying student support for its protest efforts.

No Counter-Proposal

"We are not yet suggesting a specific counter-proposal to the core plan because we want to be as broad-based in our support as possible," Michael Kaplan '80, an SACC leader, said yesterday.

When they do draw up a plan, the SACC will consider a proposal by William H. Bossert '59. McKay Professor of Applied Mathematics, for major and minor fields instead of a core, a modified General Education plan, and other alternatives already outlined as possibilities for adoption.